Director of IR3S

Kazuhiko Takeuchi Director of IR3S

Kazuhiko Takeuchi Director of IR3S

Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Director of IR3S

Established in 2005 as a Center of Excellence linking a network of leading universities in Japan,

the Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (IR3S) has been a global pioneer in creating the academic field of sustainability science,

and has been continually developing as a world-class research center.

IR3S has engaged in the complex and long-term problems faced by modern society, integrating both universal issues at the global level and highly specific issues unique to local communities.

The research findings of IR3S on creating sustainable societies are already being incorporated into policy proposals through combining the concepts of a low carbon society,

a resource-circulating society and a society in harmony with nature, and this work is being linked to research on how to implement such visions to establish a sustainable society.

IR3S has been promoting the formation of a university–industry–government network within Japan, and in 2010 launched the Sustainability Science Consortium (SSC),

a general incorporated association whose main purpose is to conduct activities that contribute to the resolution of specific local problems in Japan.

In parallel, IR3S has taken a lead role at the global level, establishing the International Society for Sustainability Science (ISSS) in collaboration with Europe and North American partners in 2012

and hosting ISSS conferences including the International Conference on Sustainability Science (ICSS) and the ISSS Asia conference (ICSS-Asia).

IR3S also edits and publishes the international academic journal, Sustainability Science (Springer).

In April 2013 IR3S was approved as the second research institute of the University of Tokyo Institutes for Advanced Study (UTIAS). This will lead to IR3S, as an international center of sustainability science,

playing an even greater role in the further development of an international meta-network and contributing to the resolution of pressing global challenges through international research and education.

武内和彦 国際高等研究所サステイナビリティ学連携研究機構長ご挨拶




主に国内の具体的な地域問題解決に資する活動を行っています。一方、2012年にはIR3Sは欧米のパートナーと共に国際サステイナビリティ学会(International Society for Sustainability Science, ISSS)を創設し、

その研究集会であるサステイナビリティ学国際会議(ICSS)やそのアジア会議(ICSS-Asia)の開催、また、国際誌Sustainability Science誌(Springer)の編集・発刊を通じて、世界をリードしてきました。